November 04, 2021

Harvest 2021 is in the house

Autumn was golden!

One thing is certain: we could not have wished for this harvest to be more beautiful. And we're not just talking about the great weather that we enjoyed in the Kamptal througout the picking season. We are particularly impressed by the taste of the grapes, which were not only wonderfully ripe and full of great fruit flavours, but also retained their wonderful crispness and freshness due to the wet summer. We haven't had a vintage like this in a long time!

During the golden autumn weeks we successfully and steadily worked our way through the various plots, picking the tasty grapes with their golden-yellow hue in several selections. Time was on our side and thus we waited until the end of October before harvsting in our best crus. While bright sunshine favored ripening during the day, a series of very cold nights, with temperatures just below zero, gave the grapes even more aromatic complexity. The musts that are now fermenting are in perfect balance and have a beguiling, delicately fruity and spicy taste. A few tanks have already finished fermenting. The young wines are just as attractive, expressing beautiful fruit and lively freshness. This vintage will make us very happy for years to come! But for now we wait until they are ready to be bottled. We are already looking forward to enjoy them with you!