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A producer of wines with consistently outstanding quality and class. A winery with significant international recognition.




91 Riesling Langenloiser Urgestein 2021

Feine Limettenzesten, etwas nach Pfirsich und Kiwi, frisches Bukett. Saftig, straff, lebendige Säurestruktur, mineralisch, weißes Steinobst, salziger Speisenbegleiter.


94 Riesling Ried Steinhaus 1.ÖTW 2021

Nuancen von gelbem Apfel, frische Orangenzesten, mit einem Hauch von Wiesenkräutern unterlegt. Saftig, elegant, weiße Frucht, finessenreicher Säurebogen, mineralisch und leichtfüßig, zitronig-salzig im Nachhall, ein lebendiger Speisenbegleiter.


94 Riesling Ried Gaisberg 1.ÖTW 2021

Feine gelbe Fruchtnuancen, Blütenaromen, mineralischer Touch, noch etwas scheu. Saftig, elegant, weißer Pfirsich, rassige Struktur, mineralisch-salzig im Abgang, balanciert, ein saftiger Speisenbegleiter, gutes Reifepotenzial.


96 Riesling Ried Heiligenstein 1.ÖTW 2021

Weiße Tropenfruchtnuancen, zart nach Minze, frische Limettenzesten, helle Mineralität. Saftig, elegant, komplexe Textur, feine, gut integrierte Säure, mineralisch, zarte Fruchtsüße im Abgang, verfügt über Länge und Potenzial, großes Zukunftsversprechen.


(95) Riesling Maximum 2019

Feine weiße Blütennuancen, frische Tropenfrucht, ein Hauch von Pfirsich und Maracuja, attraktives Bukett. Saftig, feine weiße Tropenfrucht, finessenreicher Säurebogen, dezente Fruchtsüße im Nachhall, elegant und lange anhaftend, ein gut entwickelter Speisenbegleiter.


92 Grüner Veltliner Langenloiser Tonmineral 2021

Feine Wiesenkräuter, etwas weiße Apfelfrucht, Zitrusnuancen, Maracujatouch, feinwürzig. Saftig, frische Säurestruktur, engmaschig, leichtfüßig, zart nach Kernobst, bleibt gut haften, guter Speisenbegleiter.


93 Grüner Veltliner Ried Thal 2021

Zart nach gemahlenem Pfeffer und gelber Tropenfrucht, etwas nach Kräutern, feine Grapefruitzesten. Saftig, straff, gut integrierte Säurestruktur, mineralisch, gelbe Apfelfrucht, bleibt gut haften, straffer Speisenbegleiter mit Potenzial.


94 Grüner Veltliner Ried Kittmannsberg 1.ÖTW 2021

Zart tabakig-kräuterwürzig unterlegte Kernobstnuancen, ein Hauch von Mandarinenzesten. Saftig, weißer Apfel, etwas Birne, frisch strukturiert, mineralisch im Abgang, zitroniger Nachhall, feine fruchtsüße im Rückgeschmack, sicheres Reifepotenzial.


94 Grüner Veltliner Ried Schenkenbichl 1.ÖTW 2021

Zarte Kräuterwürze, tabakige Nuancen, frisches gelbes Kernobst, etwas Mango, kandierte Orangenzesten. Saftig, weißer Apfel, frischer Säurebogen, feine Fruchtsüße im Abgang, mineralisch-salzig, bereits gut entwickelt, ein facettenreicher Speisenbegleiter.


95 Grüner Veltliner Ried Käferberg 1.ÖTW 2020

Feine Tabak- und Räucherwürze, zart nach Quitte, etwas nach reifer Ananas, ein Hauch von Guaven, mit Orangenschalen unterlegter Blütenhonig. Gute Komplexität, kraftvoll, gut eingebundener Säurebogen, facettenreich, reife Apfelfrucht im Abgang, dunkle Mineralik im Nachhall, sicheres Potenzial.


(95) Grüner Veltliner Maximum 2019

Zart nach Quitten, weiße Kernobstnuancen, frische Wiesenkräuter, feiner Blütenhonig, tabakige Nuancen. Komplex, reife Marille, feine Fruchtsüße, dezenter Säurebogen, ein Hauch von Karamell im Abgang, ein stoffiger, bereits gut entwickelter Speisenbegleiter mit würzigem Ausklang.


93 Weissburgunder Langenloiser 2021

Feine Wiesenkräuter, zart nach Mandarinenzesten, etwas nach Williamsbirne, Toffee klingt an, mit Marille unterlegt. Saftig, komplex, salzig, gelbe Tropenfrucht, etwas Maracuja im Abgang, facettenreiche Säurestruktur, zitroniger Nachhall, guter Speisenbegleiter.





95 Riesling Ried Heiligenstein 1ÖTW 2016



96 Riesling Ried Heiligenstein 1ÖTW 2017



96 Riesling Ried Heiligenstein 1ÖTW 2020



96 Riesling Ried Heiligenstein 1ÖTW 2021 (RANK 3 RIESLING)

95 Grüner Veltliner Ried Käferberg 1ÖTW 2020 (RANK 2 VELTLINER)


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"... Hiedler's wines are full of mineral drive, vibrant energy and crystallin finesse ..." - Giuseppe Lauria (2020)




17,5 Grüner Veltliner Ried Schenkenbichl 1.ÖTW 2021

Kombiniert Frucht und Würze sehr angenehm, auch Frische uns saftig-mollige Substanz sind präsent, ist hellstrahend, gelbfruchtig, immer gediegen und fein knisternd, salzig im langen Abgang.


17 Grüner Veltliner Ried Kittmannsberg 1.ÖTW 2021

Leichtfüßig und zugleich mit Kraft und Volumen punktend, zeigt sich erdig, würzig und mit gelbfruchtigen Aromen, warmer Sand, gediegen und sanft, bleibt lange haften und wirkt animierend, wunderbar harmonisch.


18 Grüner Veltliner Ried Käferberg 1.ÖTW 2020

Bietet süße Aromen, ein Hauch Vanille schwingt mit, haftet balsamisch auf den Lippen, wirkt sanft, dabei auch mit spiel und knisternder Länge, feiner Wein, der auf großer Substanz aufbaut und mit Vitalität endet.


17,5+ Riesling Ried Heiligenstein 1.ÖTW 2021

Sehr würzige Zitrusfrüchte, klar und präzise, dazu morgendliche Waldluft, Tannennadeln und Bachminze. Kühler Charakter mit anregender Säure und feinstem Schmelz, sehr saftig und pikant.

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95 Riesling Ried Heiligenstein 1.ÖTW 2021

This bold and super-mineral dry riesling also has a stack of stone-fruit character and terrific drive on the full-bodied palate. Many will love it exactly as it is, and it’s great to drink now (the harmony is already excellent), but some will want it to relax a bit in bottle. Either way, its a great expression of the famous Heiligenstein vineyard site! Drink or hold.


95 Riesling Ried Steinhaus 1.ÖTW 2021

Enjoy the ride! Very attractive, peachy fruit, plus excellent depth and structure make this a very impressive dry riesling. And that fruit pulls you along on the most wonderful journey on the expansive but beautifully balanced palate. Drink or hold. Screw cap.


94 Riesling Ried Gaisberg 1.ÖTW 2021

Anyone who thinks that dry riesling is always lean and austere should dive into this deep pool of ripe peach and apricot to discover the grape’s sensual side. Generous and creamy, but without any sense of weight, this combines ripeness with zesty freshness at the bright finish. Drink or hold.


94 Grüner Veltliner Ried Schenkenbichl 1.ÖTW 2021

At once ripe and cool, this is an exciting gruner veltliner that combines the generous personality of the grape with fascinating wet-stone freshness, which drives the sleek and focused finish. Pronounced dried lemon-zest and chamomile character. Drink or hold.


93 Grüner Veltliner Ried Kittmannsberg 1.ÖTW 2021

Brimming with lemon zest and white pepper, this is a very expressive wine that has every bit as much freshness as ripeness and concentration. Immediately appealing, but still really youthful, this has surely got many years ahead of it. Long wet-stone, citrus and white-pepper finish. Drink or hold.


93 Grüner Veltliner Ried Käferberg 1.ÖTW 2020

This generous and creamy gruner veltliner has unusual aromas of ripe melon and hibiscus for the grape, but this provides a lot of immediate appeal. Well-balanced, rather silky finish with a supporting touch of fine tannin. Drink or hold.





95 Riesling Langenlois 2016


2018 | 3 x AUSTRIA TOP 100

95 Riesling Ried Heiligenstein 1ÖTW 2017

92 Grüner Veltliner Langenlois 2017

91 Weissburgunder Langenlois 2017


2019 | 4 x AUSTRIA TOP 100 (3 x TOP 25)

96 Riesling Ried Heiligenstein 1ÖTW 2018 (Rank 5)

95 Riesling Ried Gaisberg 1ÖTW 2018 (Rank 23)

95 Riesling Ried Kogelberg 1ÖTW 2018 (Rank 25)

93 Riesling Langenlois 2018


2020 | 3 x AUSTRIA TOP 100

96 Riesling Ried Kogelberg 1ÖTW 2019

95 Riesling Ried Steinhaus 1ÖTW 2019

94 Riesling Ried Heiligenstein 1ÖTW 2019


2022 | 2 x AUSTRIA TOP 100

95 Riesling Ried Heiligenstein 1ÖTW 2021

94 Grüner Veltliner Ried Schenkenbichl 1ÖTW 2021


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» Ludwig Hiedler, forming a tandem with his two sons Ludwig Jr and Dietmar, has again produced a lovely range of crus that are characterized by their round juiciness, richness and concentration as well as their frisky vitality, structure and hidden purity, finesse and precision. All the grapes are slightly crushed to extract as much from the skins as possible, which gives the wines a special mouthfeel. …« - Stephan Reinhardt (2017)




» Hiedler's wine represents a unique style that combines elegance with baroque and finishes linear and lean like a Gothic cathedral. Impressive! « - Stephan Reinhardt (2019)




» Spectacular Riesling from the Kamptal! « - Stephan Reinhardt (2022)




94+ Riesling Ried Heiligenstein 1.ÖTW 2021

Sourced from 60-year-old vines, Hiedler's 2021 Ried Heiligenstein 1ÖTW Riesling shows clear, open, bright and elegant fruit with herbal as well as earthy notes of broken rock. Juicy, intense and dense in the mouth, this is a powerful and firmly structured, still somewhat phenolic Heiligenstein that needs some time to develop its full size. It's undoubtedly a great Riesling from the Kamptal. 13% stated alcohol. Natural cork. Tasted in Grafenegg in September 2022. Drink from 2027 to 2060.


94 Riesling Ried Steinhaus 1.ÖTW 2021

From the steepest site in Langenlois—the barren slope is characterized by small terraces where the vines have been growing for centuries on rocky subsoil of gneiss and amphibolite, which is crisscrossed with quartz and feldspar veins—Hiedler's 2021 Ried Steinhaus 1ÖTW Riesling offers a finely spicy, concentrated nose of cooked pome and stone fruit with flinty notes. Elegant and fruity on the palate, hugely saline, firm and compact, with grippy and stimulating structure and great length, this is a spectacular Riesling from the Kamptal. 12.5% stated alcohol. Screw cap. Tasted in Grafenegg in September 2022. Drink from 2022 to 2050.


92+ Riesling Ried Gaisberg 1.ÖTW 2021

Sourced from two terraces and predominantly rooting in a rocky subsoil of paragneiss, Hiedler's 2021 Ried Gaisberg 1ÖTW Riesling is dense and spicy on the nose, showing ripe and concentrated bright fruit with subtle earthy notes. Round and elegant on the palate, with juicy richness, well-integrated mineral acidity and persistent ripe fruit flavors on the salty, grippy finish, this is still a young Gaisberg but with promising potential. 13% stated alcohol. Natural cork. Tasted in Grafenegg in September 2022. Drink from 2023 to 2050.


91+ Riesling Langenloiser Urgestein 2020

From terraced vineyards planted with own massal selections on crystalline soils, Hiedler's 2020 Langenloiser Kamptal Riesling Urgestein opens with a clear, bright and pretty complex bouquet of crushed stones intertwined with intense but fine and elegant aromas of white fruits, flowers and a dash of fresh lemon juice. Aged on the lees for six months, this is a lush, refined, textural and perfectly balanced Riesling with intense and sustainable fruit and fine grip on the finish. Nothing aggressive here, but it has a long and structured finish with stimulating phenols and bitters.


93 Grüner Veltliner Ried Käferberg 1.ÖTW 2020

Grown on two terraces on the southeast flank of the site at about 345 meters above sea level, Hiedler's 2020 Ried Käferberg 1ÖTW Grüner Veltliner shows a clean, deep, elegant, slightly bacony/smoky nose with bright fruit aromas. Juicy, crystalline and powerful on the palate but also still quite bitter on the finish, Hiedler's Käferberg is a highly concentrated Veltliner with positive astringency and fine, stimulating salinity. This is a long-distance runner that will take its time to shine. 13% stated alcohol. Natural cork. Tasted in Grafenegg in September 2022. Drink from 2027 to 2050.


93 Grüner Veltliner Ried Schenkenbichl 1.ÖTW 2021

Cool and clear, with ripe and dense fruit but also still quite phenolic on the nose, the 2021 Ried Schenkenbichl 1ÖTW Grüner Veltliner opens crystalline and elegant on the palate, with juicy fruit and grippy, almost cutting phenolics but also good, vital acidity. This is possibly not bone dry but is an elegant, saline and promising Veltliner from the Schenkenbichl. The grapes for this Veltliner come from 60-year-old vines in the highest terraces of the site, located at about 315 meters above sea level, with dark amphibolites that come to the surface. 13% stated alcohol. Natural cork. Tasted in Grafenegg in September 2022. Drink from 2025 to 2045.


92 Grüner Veltliner Langenloiser Tonmineral 2020

From loess-loam soils and own massal selections, the 2020 Langenloiser Kamptal Grüner Veltliner Tonmineral is intense in color and opens with an elegant, dense and aromatic bouquet of ripe seed fruits along with coolish vegetal notes and finely flinty notes. Round and lush on the palate yet immediately also finessed and vivacious, this is a full-bodied Veltliner with substance, structure and a sustainable finish. The wine spent six months on the lees and leaves the palate with lingering crystalline acidity and mineral expression. Impressive.


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» … Three times 93 points for three Riesling wines confirmed that the generation transition happening at the winery has brought a noticeable boost in quality. Here's the next candidate to join the circle of star-producers. … « - Sasha Speicher (2018)




» … In 2018 a maximum of sensitivity was required to create exciting Grüner Veltliners ... the Hiedler estate, performing on the highest level with their Veltliners, confirmed the upward trend of the past two years. … « - Sasha Speicher (2019)




» … Hiedler seems to have finally arrived in the absolute top group. Two Rieslings each with 94 and 95 points are synonymous with the strongest Riesling collection among the ÖTW association of traditional wineries. … « - Sascha Speicher (2020)




95 Riesling Ried Steinhaus 1.ÖTW 2021

strahlende, klare Frucht, Pfirsich und reife Zitrusfrucht, süße Gartenkräuter, Kerbel, Kamille; saftig, rassiges Säurespiel, ausgeprägt salzig, viel mineralischer Druck, vibrierend


94 Riesling Ried Heiligenstein 1.ÖTW 2019

komplexer Duft, sehr würzig, rauchig, Anis, Fenchelsamen, Bergheu; stoffig, dicht, griffig, komplex, cremige Fülle, vergleichsweise mildere Säure, dadurch weniger Spannung


94 Riesling Ried Gaisberg 1.ÖTW 2019

würziger Duft, Heu, Bergkräuter, reife Zitrusfrucht, feienr Gerbstoffgrip, dichter Schmelz, aber nicht zu süß, fein umhüllte, fruchtige Säure, etwas Weinbergspfirsich


94 Grüner Veltliner Ried Käferberg 1.ÖTW 2020

Fenchel, Anis, viel Bergheu, Schwarztee, Darjeeling; dunkel, fester Kern, Lakritz, kernig, guter Zug


94 Grüner Veltliner Ried Schenkenbichl 1.ÖTW 2021

hopfig, ausgeprägte und auch derzeit noch dominante Phenolik, im Hintergrund attraktive, saftige Frucht, fast Richtung Johannisbeere; pikantes Säurespiel, anregend, großartiges Finale mit Salzigkeit, feinem Säurenerv und dunklem Fruchtspiel


94 Grüner Veltliner Ried Kittmannsberg 1.ÖTW 2019

ausgeprägte Würze, aber noch mehr Frucht, Ananas, reife Zitrusfrucht; saftig, brillant, geschmeidige, cremige Länge, feines Gerbstoffspiel








Weingut Hiedler belongs to the best wineries not only on a national but also on an international level. Outstanding quality for many years and excellent ratings by numerous critics.




★★★ Grüner Veltliner Langenloiser Tonmineral 2021

Feine lössgeprägte Würze, kühle Aromatik, Birnen, reifes Zitrus, beschwingt; Kernobst, viel Grapefruit, Schwarzer Pfeffer, knackiger Säurebiss.


★★★ Grüner Veltliner Ried Thal 2021

Einige Kräuterwürze, straff und kalkig, würzige Birne; frische Exotik, Grapefruit, Maracuja, Mango, trinkvergnüglich mit feiner Säurestruktur.


★★★ Grüner Veltliner Ried Kittmannsberg 1.ÖTW 2020

Kreidig, bisschen Lorbeer, dunkelwürzig; reife Birnen, auch Maracuja und Mandarinen, super Säurepikanz, rauchig, straff, feine Gerbstoffeinlagerung.


★★★★ Grüner Veltliner Ried Schenkenbichl 1.ÖTW 2020

Aromatisch, Weihrauch, gewürzig, Bitterorangen; rauchige Textur, dunkelfruchtig, Banane, feiner Gerbstoffgripp, gute Länge.


★★★★ Grüner Veltliner Ried Käferberg 1.ÖTW 2020

Burgundisch geprägt, feine Würze, geschmeidige Frucht, Birnenmus, Apfelkompott; saftig und salzig, super Säurespannung, Rosa Pfeffer, tropische Früchte, lang.


★★ Riesling Langenlois 2021 

Viel Frische, saftig, Marillen, grüne Ananas, Stachelbeere; viel Fruchtcharme, Pfirsich, Zitrus, zupackende Säure, bereits druckvoll, viel Spannung.


★★★ Riesling Ried Steinhaus 1.ÖTW 2020

Viel Marille, weiche Frucht, dezente Würze, zarte Mineralität; relativ kühl, Pfirsich, weiche Mitte, moderate Säure, trinkcharmant.


★★★★ Riesling Ried Gaisberg 1.ÖTW 2020

Frisch, mineralisch, viel Pfirsich, füllig; immens saftig, Marillen, auch Orangen und Mandarinen, mineralische Stütze, leicht würzig.


★★★★ Riesling Ried Kogelberg 1.ÖTW 2020

Viel Pfirsich, schöne Mineralität, bisschen Grapefruit, sortentypisch; fruchtsüß, aber in Balance mit der knackigen Säure, Dauerläufer!


★★★★★ Riesling Ried Heiligenstein 1.ÖTW 2020 (TOP 100)

Salzige, mineralische Frucht, viel Pfirsich, dezent tropisch; schöne Extraktsüße, Pfirsich pur, auch Maracuja und Mango, zarte Würze, viel Heiligenstein-Typizität.


★★★ Weissburgunder Langenlois 2021

Gewürzig und frisch, Hibiskus, Lorbeer, Wacholder, Banane, Champignons; Brioche, Mandeln, recht rund, mit animierender Säure.


★★★★ Weissburgunder Maximum 2019

Bienenwachsnoten, cremig, nahezu balsamisch, sautierte Pilze, einige Tiefe; saftig, rauchige Würze, Karamell, Schoko- banane, viel Fruchtexotik, Grapefruit.


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Winery of Austria-wide importance. High quality wines that go beyond the usual. Ranks among the best.




18,5 Riesling Maximum 2019

18 Grüner Veltliner Ried Käferberg 1ÖTW 2020

18 Grüner Veltliner Maximum 2019

17,5 Grüner Veltliner Ried Schenkenbichl 1ÖTW 2020

17,5 Riesling Ried Gaisberg 1ÖTW 2020

17,5 Riesling Ried Heiligenstein 1ÖTW 2020

17 Grüner Veltliner Ried Kittmannsberg 1ÖTW 2020


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» The wines ought especially to appeal to aficionados of the “natural” sensibility. That’s their dialect, and they are clean. They are also direct, forthright, jammed with flavor, and hail from great terroirs. « - Terry Theise (2017)




Terry Theise Estate Selection - WINERY OF THE VINTAGE 2018

» The only proper answer if someone asks me “How are the ‘18s?” is to say “These ‘18s are rocking, but you really had to be selective. Or, I had to be; you don’t have to be because I already was. ... Among them, Hiedler was the most surprisingly consistent and successful, and I really felt a guiding hand (or hands) at work. ... First, because I never supposed they would make these wines in this vintage, and also because it heralds perhaps a new level for this already-fine estate. And finally, because you always know tasting a grower’s vintage when they were really in sync with conditions, and attending to the harvest’s most telling elements. So, hats off to the Hiedler boys. «




» … We can easily surmise how the other grower’s wines from the region work – we know that language – but it’s much harder to fathom how wines as plush as these can also be refreshing and so palpably structured. The wines are riddled and jammed with soul and personality, there are no other wines like them. … « - Terry Theise (2019)




» For me Hiedler is one of Austria’s most interesting estates precisely because they are neither this-nor-that. No one is rendering these amazing terroirs in such a way. In lesser hands the wines might be rustic, in lesser soils they might be mundane, but here at Hiedler there is an accord between human and soil for which I’ve never found precedent nor equivalent. « - Terry Theise (2021)




» These wines remain one of a kind in the Kamptal. « - Terry Theise (2023)





"Ratings" and poetic wine descriptions by Terry Theise:



"Ratings" and poetic wine descriptions by Terry Theise:





16,5 Grüner Veltliner Ried Kittmannsberg 1ÖTW 2021

Shy, fresh-fruit notes mingle with mint, lemon balm and pepper. The creamy palate gives way to a zesty texture; fruity finish.


17 Grüner Veltliner Ried Schenkenbichl 1ÖTW 2021

Crisp white fruit, spiced pear and plenty of "pfefferle" (white-pepper snap). The lithe, lean palate is reticent to reveal too much, but one suspects much is happening beneath the surface. Delicate, lingering spice finish.


16,5+ Riesling Ried Gaisberg 1ÖTW 2021

Pure spice and stone, baked lemons, tropical fruit with an ethereal lift. Textured minerality and a searing acidity on the palate, cool fruit and flowers. More monolithic than refreshing in its current, youthful state; there really is a lot going on here. Looking forward to a bit more equilibrium in a few years' time.


16,5+ Riesling Ried Heiligenstein 1ÖTW 2021

A basket of pure summer bounty: lily, apricot, mandarin, forest honey and mashed apples. Fine grip on the generous and spicy palate. Beautiful concentration and a lounge-chair-like appeal, sink into the ease of it all and let the Riesling waves come as and when they will.


16 Riesling Ried Steinhaus 1ÖTW 2021

Creamy yellow fruit, gentle spice, and a flinty, wet-stone, spontaneous-fermentation aroma. Animating lemon acidity, even if a bit straightforward on the taut, sweet-sour exchange. Long, zesty finish.








» Distinctive as ever. A lighthouse of quality in the Kamptal, and not only there. When the wines are young some might underestimate what is coming. When reaching drinking age, these wines are among the best that Austria has to offer. « - Marcus Hofschuster


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Weingut Hiedler belongs to the most outstanding producers of Austria.




» One of the rising star estates of Austria. « - Tom Stevenson (2012)