The owl.

It is the unmistakable symbol of our wines. The ancients of all cultures considered the owl a sign of wisdom, tranquility, and permanence. It revealed the hidden worlds beyond their reach. This notion continues to inspire our work to this day, immortalized by our great-grandfather Ludwig I, a passionate winemaker, in the form of two owls carved in stone. They have been guarding the winery's gates for nearly 100 years now.

One is perched on books, the other one on grapes. Together they embody the ancient relationship between science, experience, culture, and nature, united in wine. We understand ourselves as a link. We respect and care for what grows in our vineyards while using our craft to unveil the unique worlds hidden in nature. At the same time, the owl reflects our pursuit of longevity, elegance, and calmness. Qualities that define the character of our wines.


There is strength in calmness.