About us, our ancestors & our history.

First generation.

Josef & Anna I. Hiedler.

In Langenlois you are always close to wine. After all, vines have been cultivated here for well over a millennium. Though, just 160 years ago we still dedicated ourselves to the family’s leather tannery... but everything changed when Josef Hiedler married his wife Anna. She brought along with her a few vineyards for the family. Curiosity soon turned into a growing fascination for the winemaker's craft, leading to the foundation of the winery in 1856. Josef and Anna cultivated their first vines in the historic vineyard sites Thal and Spiegel and started to make wine on a small scale.

Second generation.

Ludwig I. and Anna II. Hiedler

The winery experienced further investments throughout the reign of the second generation. While initially still active in the leather trade and the tannery, Ludwig I., one of five children, saw himself as winemaker. He extended the vineyard area with additional parcels of the great sites of Kamptal. With his wife, also Anna, he bought the historic cellar and Heurigen (wine tavern) at the southern slopes of Langenlois, where we still work today. 50 years after its founding, in 1906, the winery was honored by the Archduchy of Lower Austria for its wine quality. Hiedler wines became well known and were valued for their quality. Thus Ludwig later started bottling his wines and delivered to clients all around Austria, from Vienna to the western Alps.

Third generation.

Dr. Bruno and Hildegard Hiedler

Dr. Bruno Hiedler was a practicing doctor and vintner, he took over the growing estate of his parents in third generation. Together with his wife Hildegard, who managed operations, they modernized the winery, enlarged the vineyard area to around 8 hectares and further developed the wine-style of our family. At this time, Hiedler wines had already made their way beyond Austria's borders. In 1955 Bruno decided to cultivate Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc) in Langenlois and he became the first vintner in the Danube area to do so; at a time when small, low-yielding varieties were anything but 'en vogue'. Thus he also laid the foundation for the great Burgundian varietals, with whom the family soon made a name for themselves.

Fourth generation.

Ludwig II. and María de los Ángeles Hiedler

In 1980, after his economy studies, Ludwig Hiedler took over the estate in fourth generation. Love soon led María Ángeles, a native of Spain, to move from warm Barcelona to the cool and calm town of Langenlois. Together they set the course for the future of the winery. With a deep understanding for authentic wines, closeness to nature, farsighted development to the cellar and vineyard and the introduction of the historical owl to the label, they established the estate as a leading operation in Austria. Our wines soon attracted attention from around the globe and María Ángeles began to successfully build up the export business. Meanwhile, in 1992, Ludwig's vineyard philosophy led, together with like-minded fellow winegrowers, to the establishment of the renowned association "Österreichsiche Traditionsweingüter" (Traditional Austrian Wine Estates), which is considered the pioneer of the Austrian vineyard classification.

In loving memory of María Ángeles. With her warmth and kindness, she has significantly shaped our family estate. Her positive energy lives on with us and in each of our wines.

Fifth generation.

Dietmar & Ludwig III. Hiedler

The two brothers Ludwig and Dietmar are following the long family tradition and fall back on the old knowledge and experience of four generations. They have made good use of the new opportunities of their generation and explored the world. They have returned home with forsight and great enthusiasm. Slowly the responsibility flows into the hands of the brothers who are further developing the estate with their own vison.


The sum of all.

None of our wines are made single-handedly. Each bottle is produced in a joint effort. Over the years we have gathered an experienced team around us, many helping hands that all play an important role: Outside where we look after our vineyards and vines, and in the wine cellar where we take care of the maturing wines.

Ludwig Sen., Ludwig Jun., Dietmar, Robert, Roman, Doris, Peter, Peter, Johann Sen., Johann Jun., Martin, Mimi, Mexit