How it all began...

But from the beginning. Wine has always been an integral part of life in Langenlois. We all grew up surrounded by vines and ancient wine cellars. For over a millennium, people here have been cultivating this wonderful plant, leaving countless marks in the hills surrounding the village. There are vineyards and historical terraces wherever you look. However, not everyone here made a living from viticulture.

The first generation.

Josef & Anna I. Hiedler.

Just 160 years ago we still dedicated ourselves to the family’s leather tannery and trade. Things began to change when Josef Hiedler married his wife Anna. She brought a few vineyards with her for the family and with it the winemaker's trade. Soon, in 1856, our family founded the winery. Josef and Anna finally took over responsibility for the estate and began to make wine on a small scale, next to the leather business. They cultivated their first vines in the Thal and Spiegel vineyards.

The second generation.

Ludwig I. and Anna II. Hiedler

Ludwig, one of five children, grew up to be a winemaker with heart and soul. He eventually left the family tannery and leather trade behind and invested in the winery that he took over from his parents. With his wife Anna, he expanded the vineyard area by additional parcels and acquired the historical cellar and wine tavern on Rosenhügel, where we still work today. Under their leadership, the winery was first honored by the Archduchy of Lower Austria for its wine quality in 1906, 50 years after it was founded. Hiedler wines gained more and more appreciation, and the clientele grew steadily. Convinced of the excellent quality and longevity of his wines, Ludwig began bottling in the 1930s as one of the first winemakers in Langenlois. His inspirational philosophy was carved in stone by his good friend. Two owls perched on sandstone pillars that still guard the entrance to the winery today and were already visible on some labels back then.

The third generation.

Dr. Bruno and Hildegard Hiedler

Dr. Bruno Hiedler took over the growing estate of his parents in the third generation. He was not only a winegrower but also a practicing physician. His wife Hildegard, a gifted singer and businesswoman, managed the fortunes of the business and began to modernize it with Bruno. Together they increased the vineyard area to around 8 hectares and further developed the wine style of our estate. They sold their wines to customers throughout Austria, from Vienna to the western Alps. In 1955, Bruno made the important decision to plant Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc) in the Schenkenbichl vineyard. This made him the first winemaker in the Danube region to cultivate the small grape, at a time when small, low-yielding varieties were anything but 'en vogue'. Thus he also laid the foundation for the great wines of Burgundian varietals, with whom our family soon made a name for themselves.

The fourth generation.

Ludwig II. and María de los Ángeles Hiedler

In 1980, after his economic studies, Ludwig took over the estate in fourth generation. Love soon led María Ángeles, a native of Spain, to move from warm Barcelona to the cool and calm town of Langenlois. Together they set the course for the future of our winery. With a deep understanding of soil, vine, and wine and with far-sighted developments in the vineyards and cellar, they established the estate as a leading operation in Austria. Our wines soon attracted attention from around the globe and María Ángeles began to successfully build up the export business. Meanwhile, in 1992, Ludwig's vineyard philosophy led, together with like-minded fellow winegrowers, to the establishment of the renowned association "Österreichsiche Traditionsweingüter" (Traditional Austrian Wine Estates), which is considered the pioneer of the Austrian vineyard classification.

In loving memory of María Ángeles, who left us far too soon. With her warmth and kindness, she has significantly shaped our family estate. Her positive energy lives on with us and in each of our wines.

The next generation.

Dietmar & Ludwig III. Hiedler

Today it is us, two brothers, Ludwig and Dietmar, who continue the long family tradition. We are fortunate to be able to draw on the old knowledge and experience of four generations. But we also made good use of the opportunities of our time. We traveled, met numerous interesting people, and brought back ideas from all over the world. The responsibility for the winery has been in our hands since 2023, so we continue to develop the estate with vision and drive. We have time. Our goal is clear: to make authentic, timeless, and artisan wines that taste like Hiedler and the Kamptal.


The sum of all.

None of our wines are made single-handedly. Each bottle is produced in a joint effort. Over the years we have gathered an experienced team around us, many helping hands that all play an important role: Outside where we look after our vineyards and vines, and in the wine cellar where we take care of the maturing wines.

Ludwig Sen., Ludwig Jun., Dietmar, Robert, Roman, Doris, Peter, Peter, Johann Sen., Johann Jun., Martin, Mimi, Medjid