Weissburgunder Maximum 2021
Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc) has a long-standing tradition with us. Dr. Bruno Hiedler was the first vintner to plant it as a single-varietal vineyard in the Danube region in 1955 – a time when low-yielding small grapes were far from 'en vogue.' Our Maximum is sourced from this historic vineyard, with valuable and old vine genetics. It is located at the foot of the Schenkenbichl slope, where the vines grow on the river gravel of the retreated Loisbach (Lois Creek), interspersed with light, chalk-rich loess. Before bottling, the wine matures for over two full winters in barrels on the lees. This gives rise to a dense and elegant Weissburgunder, pushing the limits of concentration and grape variety to the Maximum.
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From almost 70-year-old vines. The fully ripe grapes were selectively hand-harvested in mid-October and later destemmed and gently crushed. After several hours of maceration, they were gently pressed with low pressure. Fermented in traditional acacia barrel and in small oak barrels, then aged on the lees for two winters. Bottled in August 2023, during high atmospheric pressure and the waxing moon phase. 100% artisanal.
Wine description
Calmly flowing and rich aroma of lemons, mandarins, accompanied by the finest nut cream, salty almonds; captivating and substantial on the palate, juicy acidity, hazelnuts, caramel, orange biscuit, delicate toasted notes, infused with incredible elegance, great length; tremendous aging potential!
13 % vol.
Ageing potential
18 years +
Serving temperature
Chilled, approx. 12°C