Weissburgunder Maximum 2017
One of our cult-wines. Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc) has a long tradition in our estate. Dr. Bruno Hiedler was the first winemaker to plant the variety in the Danube regions in 1955. A time when small grapes were anything but 'en vogue'. Our Maximum is sourced from this historical vineyard. The interesting & old genetics of the vines are the cornerstone of the great wines coming from here. The old vineyard is growing on the lower slopes of Schenkenbichl, on river gravel of the old Loisbach valley, traversed by chalky loess. Before bottling it matures for two full winters on the lees.
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65 year old vines. Selective harvest by hand in late October. Destemmed and crushed. Without sulphurisation of the grape must or juice. Gently pressed with low pressure. Fermentation in a big acacaia casky, with cultured Kamptal yeast. Matured in cask on the lees for over two winters. Bottled at high atmospheric pressure during the waxing moon in April 2019.
Wine description
Beautiful aromas of biscuit, nut cream, caramel, later also a bit herbal & "sweet-peppery" seeming layers; the use of wood is fantastic and only peripherally noticable, richly nuanced, creamy, spicy and earthy elements shine through in the long finish. - Vinaria 2019/20
14 % vol.
Ageing potential
20 years +
Serving temperature
Chilled, approx. 11°C