Unusual No.3 -
No. 3: Riesling vom heiligen Garten.
In a small vineyard on the west side of the Heiligenstein, between old fruit trees, wild shrubs and fragrant herbs, a few gnarled Riesling vines are growing on the infamous rocky soil. The terraces are narrow, the vines are closely lined up. We carefully tend them by hand, there is no room for a tractor. Here the grapes ripen particularly slowly and are finely concentrated when harvested. We fermented their juice on part of their skins in an open wooden barrel for three days. The fermenting must later flowed into a small stainless steel tank, where the wine rested on the lees for a few months. We finally captured this microcosm in bottles, and with it the unique spice of the Heiligenstein.
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The Riesling grapes of this wine have been selectivly harvested by hand in late October 2018. Destemmed and crushed. 3 days on the skins in an open barrel. Spontaneous fermentation. Matured in stainless-steel on the lees for several months. Minimal sulphur added. Bottled at high atmospheric pressure during the waxing moon in autumn 2019.
Wine description
Intense and unique in the nose, ripe apricots, a bit of honey and orange zest, juniper, lots of dried Mediterranean herbs, some saffron, a hint of wood, concentrated, long and salty-fruity finish.
12,5 % vol.
Serving temperature
Chilled, approx. 12°C