Riesling Ried Steinhaus 2022
Steinhaus, which translates to "Stonehouse," is the steepest vineyard in Langenlois. It likely derives its name from the ancient stone shelters, the remnants of which can be found scattered throughout the vineyards. This barren slope is characterized by small terraces, some of which were carved into the crystalline rock many centuries ago. The grapevines must delve deep to access water, as they grow on a very rocky soil composed of gneiss and amphibolite, interspersed with quartz. This vineyard gives rise to a distinctively elegant and fruity style of Riesling, marked by a pronounced coolness and a saline minerality.
[1.ÖTW = Classified Vineyard, Erste Lage] [Ried = Austrian Term for single vineyard, same meaning as “Lage”]
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The grapes were selectively harvested by hand in mid-October. Destemmed, slightly crushed and macerated for several hours. Gently pressed with low pressure. Fermented in stainless-steel and matured on the lees for several months. Bottled at high atmospheric pressure during the waxing moon in August 2023. 100% artisanal.
Wine description
Limes and fresh apricots in the nose, also white tropical fruit, the scent is slightly smoky and mineral driven; fine and nuanced palate, again apricot, some lemongrass and mint, crystalline and juicy texture. Fantastic food companion!
13,0 % vol
Ageing potential
12 years +
Serving temperature
Chilled, approx 11°C