It was 1986 when a young winemaker from Langenlois, after his apprenticeship in Italy, smuggled a few S*****vese vines across the border to Austria, where they were secretly cultivated. In Kamptal the vinification of this variety was not allowed at the time. The winemaker quickly found an adequate solution for his experiment and blended the probably northernmost S*****vese of Europe with a part of his Pinot Noir. This is how the Cuveé LIUBISA was born. Liubisa, which translates to "the lovely valley", is the historical name of the town of Langenlois. It was given to this beautiful place by the first celtic settlers.
[Austrian wine law forbids us to name variety and vintage on the label. Please contact us for more information.]
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Selective harvest by hand in early November 2018. Destemed. No sulphurisation of the mash. Open fermentation in small batches for 2 weeks. Spontaneous malolactic fermentation. Matured on the lees for 24 months in small oak barrells. Bottled at high atmospheric pressure during the waxing moon in June 2021.
Wine description
Extensive scent of bright berryfruit, unbelievable fruit carried by herbs and spices. Juicy and fleshy on the palate, wild berries and black cherries, fine nuances of vanilla pods, finest spice, high extract, firm and elegant, a wine to chew!
14,0 % vol
Ageing potential
18 years +
Serving temperature