In 1986, a young winegrower from Langenlois travelled to Italy's Chianti region to learn about wine. After spending a couple months at Isole e Olena, he smuggled a small souvenir across the boarder that was entrusted to him by his "teacher" at the italian winery. That is how a few S*****vese vines found their way to the much cooler Kamptal. The variety was not allowed to be used for winemaking here. The vines were planted in a secret spot, behind an old cellar. Almost illegal. The project was extremely exciting, more vines where grafted and planted in the Thal vineyard (nobody knew), where they grow on a sandy, calcareous loess. It is here were the northern most S*****vese of Europe grows. 100% S*****vese, only vinified in the best vintages. Strictly limeted & only available upon request!
[Austrian wine law forbids us to name variety and vintage on the label. Please contact us for more information.]
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The ripe grapes were selectively harvested by hand in late October 2018 and carefully destemed directly into small fermentation bins, without sulphurisation of the mash. Open fermentation on the skins for 3 weeks, then slowly pressed off over the course of several hours. Final fermentation in small oak barrels. Spontaneous malolactic fermentation. Aged in small oak for 30 months. Bottled unfiltered in June 2021 at high atmospheric pressure during the waxing moon.
Wine description
Fleshy, dense, well seasoned fruit!
13,5 % vol
Ageing potential
Optimum drinking age: 2025-2050
Serving temperature