Grüner Veltliner Familienreserve 2015
With this wine, we continue an age-old family tradition that had already been cultivated by our ancestors. To make space for the upcoming vintage, the wine cellar was typically emptied before the next harvest, but not entirely. The best barrel was allowed to rest and reach its optimal drinking age before being enjoyed. This beautiful tradition is now called Familienreserve (Family Reserve). The year determines the aging time. For our Familienreserve 2015, we gave our best Veltliner 7 years to mature in a traditional acacia barrel on the lees. This rare wine combines creaminess and elegance with depth, density, and an ethereal fruit.
By the way: The label is based on an old painting showing our winery in the 1930s.

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From ancient vines. The fully ripe grapes were selectively hand-harvested at the beginning of November, destemmed, and gently crushed. After several hours of maceration, they were pressed with minimal pressure. Fermented in traditional acacia barrel. Matured for 7 years in barrel on the lees. The very dense pores of the acacia wood make for an exceptionally slow and individual aging process. Over the years and with the changing seasons, the wine achieves its natural stability. Bottled in August 2022, during high atmospheric pressure and the waxing moon phase. 100% artisanal.
Wine description
Rich, balsamic nose with generous aromas, salted caramel, dried apricots, yellow grapes and peppery-sweet notes, some beeswax and honey; full fruit depth on the palate, builds up beautifully, mouth-filling and dense, power and finesse balance each other, enormous depth, mineral character in the long, juicy finish!
13,5 % vol
Ageing potential
May be enjoyed anytime.
Serving temperature
Chilled, approx. 13°C
May be decanted and enjoyed out of big glass.