October 19, 2023

2023 is in the house

The harvest is over!

On October 18, amidst chilly weather, we completed the harvest by picking the last parcel. As so often, we finished with highly aromatic Riesling grapes from vines over 80 years old from the Langenloiser Steinberg vineyard. We are exhausted and happy! Who would have believed, after the devastating hailstorm, the outstanding qualities that awaited us, pure joy! Today, at our harvest closing celebration, we will raise a toast with the team, enjoying homemade lamb goulash and many fine wines! 🙂

Some context: On September 13, five days before the harvest was due to begin, a severe hailstorm threw us headlong into this year's harvest. For two long hours, the storm ravaged the Kamptal region, leaving extensive destruction in its wake (after a whole year of work...). In some areas hit by the hail, there were total losses. Fortunately, we had protected some of our vineyards with hail nets, but, unfortunately, a few of our vineyards were hit hard, and we had to make emergency harvests as quickly as possible.

Then came the surprising turn of events: From that unfortunate moment onward, the weather gods seemed to favor us. For the following weeks, we couldn't have wished for better weather for picking our grapes. With the warm sun in the sky, dry days, and a highly motivated team, the harvest proceeded rapidly. In just five weeks, we brought only beautiful and healthy grapes into the wine cellar! During all that time, there was only one brief rain interruption.

Now, some calm has finally returned to us. In the cellar, we hear the gentle hissing and bubbling of fermentation from every nook and cranny. With great joy, we are now accompanying the developing wines and practicing patience... We can hardly wait to soon present you the result of our hard work! It will be wonderfully aromatic!