January 20, 2023

Selection Massale

Quality and vine health through genetic diversity.

To this day, we select our planting material ourselves. It stems from our own vineyards. We trust in the work of our ancestors, whose vines were previously selected and propagated in the same manner. This method is called "Selection Massale". Throughout the year, we observe the vines and consider factors such as fruit quality, maturity, acidity, yield, small berries, loose berries, wood, resistance to disease and overall health when selecting, in order to consistently pass on the best characteristics and qualities to the next vineyard. This way, we can also positively influence the quality of the later wine.

It is particularly important to us to preserve the genetic diversity of our ancient clones. We see the planting of uniform clones and new breedings as somewhat critical. Why? Plants mutate continuously and gradually adapt to their immediate environment (soil, temperature, precipitation, etc.). If we therefore create a vineyard uniformly with certified clones, we reverse the site-specific evolution. In a way, we lose an incredibly important piece of terroir, as the vine ultimately has a direct impact on the character of our wines.

In short: "Selection Massale" is and remains an essential factor for us to bring the unique characteristics and qualities of our grape varieties, our terroir and our craftsmanship into the bottle.