September 02, 2019

ÖTW Erste Lagen 2018

Wines from the most unusual vintage in Austria …

… one could say. 2018 was an above-average warm and early year, riddled with numerous extremes. Just like a good game of chess, this vintage was all about the right strategy. With experience and a healthy dose of intuition, countless hours on our scissors and at the press and with attentive manual work, we captured the microcosms of our Erste Lage vineyards. We are proud to present our 1.ÖTW Erste Lage wines from this special vintage. A type of vintage, that has never been seen before in Austria.

This is what Terry Theise says about our 2018 Collection: Winery of the Vintage.

If you are interested in all the details of our 2018, you can read our harvest report HERE.

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