May 01, 2019

It is in our hands.

Sustainability is a very serious topic; and it has never been as important as today. The signs are clear. Especially in agriculture we are confronted with the clearly noticeable consequences of a progressive ecological change. This circumstance calls for intelligent solutions and a general rethinking of our common practices.

Our family is responsible for 30 hectares of valuable natural assets. Our land must remain healthy and intact in the interest of future generations. We must preserve the diverse flora and fauna of this cultural landscape. Together with our likeminded colleagues we try to sharpen the social awareness, because it does matter what you have in your glass and on your plate. We operate in the natural limits of the earth. The seal of quality Sustainable Austria stands for a contribution. It is designed to protect the health of the soils, the vines, and the plants and wildlife with which we share our land. It is a form of agriculture that has the ability to sustain itself.

The quality seal at a glance

“Sustainable Austria” is a seal of quality for sustainably produced wines. The winery is screened every year. The wines have to be produced according to strict economic, ecological and social criteria. From the planting & cultivating of the vineyards, from harvest to bottling, the production process is screened for its sustainability. Herbicides & insecticides are not allowed. Biodiversity, economical use of water & energy, manual work and efficient use of machines are evaluated among others, as well as fair working conditions, sustainable economic practices and low intervention in the cellar. Only if all requirements are met a winery can label its wines with the quality seal.