September 03, 2018

Release! Erste Lagen 2017

It’s September! We are in the middle of harvest and our 2017 Erste Lage wines are ready for their debut!

The great wine tasting at Schloss Grafenegg on Friday, September 7, is the first opportunity to taste and discover all Erste Lage wines of 2017.

If you are keen to find out more about the vintage you can read our harvest report HERE.


Grüner Veltliner Ried Kittmannsberg 1ÖTW 2017

Yellow apples, garden full of herbs, some anis, pomegranate, grapefruit and blood orange, subtle notes of tree sap; fine acidity, the tender tannic structure and some minerality create tight accents, well balanced, beautiful length. – Vinaria 2018/19


Grüner Veltliner Ried Schenkenbichl 1ÖTW 2017

Seductive bouquet, musk melons, stonefruits, hazelnuts, backed by subtle notes of chokeberries and some Havannas; silky and smooth flow, vigorous socket, at the same time finely contured, concentrated fruit, packed with a lot of elegance and a long lasting finish. – Vinaria 2018/19


Riesling Ried Gaisberg 1ÖTW 2017

Open and inviting from the very beginning, orange zest, papayas, red & juicy peaches, some lemongrass; in the middle a hint of extract-sweetness, in the background a firm acidity that adds a lot of fruity tension; contured, lively and lush with a long lasting finish. – Vinaria 2018/19


Riesling Ried Kogelberg 1ÖTW 2017

Flinty and stony minerality, reminds of dark slate, backed by a pronounced and elegant character of stonefruit, apricots, tangerine, contured with a fine but tight acidity, the dark minerality of Kogelberg is shining thorugh in every phase; complex, deep and nobel. – Vinaria 2018/19


Riesling Ried Heiligenstein 1ÖTW 2017

Highly complex already in the nose, full of minerality and fruit, multifaceted, ripe peach, orange blossoms, mirabelles, yellow grapes; vigorous socket, at the same time full of elegance, crystal-clear structure, focused, with enormous depth; endless pressure in each and every phase without losing any of its noblesse, unique, high-end Riesling caliber. – Vinaria 2018/19


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