Veltliner Collection
Grüner Veltliner is Austrian Wine Culture. There are (almost) no limits to the diversity of this grape variety. With the tasty Village Wine, the expressive Single Vineyard Wines and the rich Reserves, this collection contains everything that defines Us and the Kamptal. Veltliner is an ambassador for our soil, our climate and our palate. This package contains the following wines (0.75 lt.):

1 x Grüner Veltliner Gipfelwein "W" 2017
1 x Grüner Veltliner Langenloiser 2020
1 x Grüner Veltliner Ried Thal 2020 (in family hands since 1856)
1 x Grüner Veltliner Ried Kittmannsberg 1.ÖTW 2019
1 x Grüner Veltliner Ried Schenkenbichl 1.ÖTW 2019
1 x Grüner Veltliner Maximum 2019
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About this package
Alpine joie de vivre in every bottle. Together with the three friends and Gipfelwein initiators Michael Moll, Andreas Mirgeler and Marc Hillen, we created a small batch of this very special Grüner Veltliner. This exclusive composition was blended in January 2019 by Ludwig & Dietmar Hiedler with Jutta & Marc Hillen in Langenlois.

Every wine producing village is unique in terms of location, geology and wine culture. The Ortswein (Village Wine) tradition is centuries old and reflects this geological, microclimatic and cultural spectrum. The historic town of Langenlois is not only the center of the Kamptal appellation, it is also our center of life. Our Veltliner vines predominantly grow on limy, partly clayey, loess and loam soils, which cover an area stretching from the southeast of Langenlois to the higher elevated western plateau. This elegant Veltliner, bottled after over 6 months of aging on the lees, is characterized by pithy fruit and spicy minerality, which unmistakably reflect its origin and the character of the people who live here.

→ Ried THAL
Thal has a special value to us. It is inextricably linked to the history of our estate. It is our oldest and most traditional vineyard, where our family cultivated their first vines in 1856. The up to 80-year-old vines grow on a broadly terraced slope in the south of Langenlois, composed of quartz-sand and bright, calcerous loess. With delicate white and yellow fruit, cool spice and it's characteristic sandy minerality, the wine expresses the bright side of Gruener Veltliner.

Kittmannsberg is part of a distinctive plateau, which rises in the west of Langenlois and reaches up to 345 m above sea level. It has a characteristic bowl-shaped topographic depression in which an autonomous microclimate is formed, favouring long ripening periods and thus a late harvest. Here we find traces of a past, shallow sea. The mineral-rich soil is formed of calcerous clays, loess and loam. The cru lends this Veltliner an expression of yellow fruits, a delicate herbal spiciness and a silky-mineral texture.

The grapes of this Veltliner come from the highest elevated terraces of the Schenkenbichl vineyard, grown at about 315 m above sea level. Here, our 60-year-old vines are rooted deep in the brittle, metamorphic rock soil, which is formed of the remains of an ancient mountain range. It predominantly consists of dark amphibolite, reaching to the surface. The influence of those rocks is reflected in the wines, which are cool and elegant with a spicy-mineral saltiness to them.

Many decades of growth form mighty and gnarled vines. Their roots dig deep in the loess and the metamorphic rock of our historic terraced vineyards. Our Maximum is sourced from a selction of these low yielding old vines. The most valuable grapes of a vintage remain on the vine during the main picking season and are harvested when they have reached their full ripeness and flavour concentration. Before bottling, the wine spends at least two full winters on the lees in a big acacia barrel. This is how this dense and powerful Veltliner is created, with the unmistakable Hiedler signature.