Riesling Collection
Riesling is considered the queen of white wines and has been cultivated for countless generations. Our Riesling vines grow on the terraced slopes in the north of the Kamptal, on crystalline rock soils. With the tasty Village Wine, the expressive Single Vineyard Wines and the profound Reserve, this collection contains everything that defines Us and the Kamptal. Aromatic & mineral driven wines, full of vibrating energy. This package contains the following wines (0.75 lt.):

1 x Riesling Langenloiser 2020
1 x Riesling Ried Steinhaus 1.ÖTW 2020
1 x Riesling Ried Gaisberg 1.ÖTW 2020
1 x Riesling Ried Kogelberg 1.ÖTW 2019
1 x Riesling Ried Heiligenstein 1.ÖTW 2019
1 x Riesling Maximum 2019
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About this package
Every wine producing village is unique in terms of location, geology and wine culture. The Ortswein (Village Wine) tradition is centuries old and reflects this geological, microclimatic and cultural spectrum. The historic town of Langenlois is not only the center of the Kamptal appellation, it is also our center of life. Our Riesling vines grow on the terraced slopes northwest of the town, an area completely formed of metamorphic and crystalline rock soils. This elegant Riesling, bottled after over 6 months of ageing on the lees, is characterized by a fine stonefruit aroma and juicy minerality, which unmistakably reflect its origin and the character of the people who live here.

Steinhaus, literally Stonehouse, is the steepest vineyard in Langenlois. It probably takes its name from the ancient stone shelters, whose remains can be found scattered in the vineyards. The barren slope is characterized by small terraces, which were partly carved into the crystalline rock centuries ago. The vines have to dig deep to find access to water. They grow on a rocky soil formed of gneiss and amphibolite, traversed by quartz. The location produces a unique, elegantly fruity type of Riesling that expresses a very cool and saline minerality.

With its milder microclimate, the exposed Gaisberg is one of the historically most important Riesling vineyards in the Kamptal. A vast variety of metamorphic and crystalline rocks form its soils. On two terraces, our vines dig their roots into Paragneiss. Occasionally there are islands of granite and marble, with shallow covers of loess at the foot of the hill. The concentrated Rieslings of this slope are characterized by their expressive fruit and warm minerality.

Kogelberg forms the northernmost tip of Kamptals 'Erste Lage' vineyards. It lies north of the village of Zöbing, where the narrow river valley opens up towards the Langenlois basin. At this point we find a more pronounced climatic influence of the high Waldviertel plateau, as cooling air currents push in at dusk. This creates exciting microclimatic conditions. The vines grow on bronze-colored mica schist, a crystalline rock formation. It is a particularly cool-fruited and dark-mineral character that marks the Riesling wines of this slope.

It is one of the most famed and best crus in Austria. The Heiligenstein vineyard is a unique geological formation within Europe; a geological island. The old vines grow on a complex sedimentary soil structure, on sandstone conglomerate with red arkoses and volcanic quartz porphyries. The narrow terraces yield a highly complex Riesling with strong personality.

Many decades of growth form vines of mighty, gnarly stature. Our Maximum is sourced from a selction of these low yielding old vines. Their roots dig deep in the meager primary rock soils of our historic terraced slopes. The most valuable grapes of a vintage remain on the vine during the main picking season and are harvested when they have reached their full ripeness and flavour concentration. Before bottling, the wine spends at least two full winters on the lees. This is how this dense and saline-fruity Riesling is created, with the unmistakable Hiedler signature.