Riesling Maximum 2021
It takes decades for the vines to grow into a mighty, gnarled stature and for their roots to have penetrated the deepest cracks and crevices of the crystalline rock soils. Our Maximum is sourced from a carefully selected collection of these ancient vines that are growing in the historic terraced vineyards of Langenlois. Their yields are extremely low, resulting in exceptionally concentrated grapes. The valuable fruits are harvested late, when they have fully ripened to a golden hue. Before bottling, the wine matures for at least two full winters on the lees. This gives rise to a dense and brimming-with-juice Riesling, pushing the limits of concentration and grape variety to the Maximum.
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From up to 80-year-old vines. The fully ripe grapes were selectively hand-harvested at the end of October and beginning of November in multiple passes and later destemmed and gently crushed. After several hours of maceration, they were gently pressed with low pressure. Fermented in stainless-steel tank and oak barrel, then aged on the lees for two winters. Bottled in August 2023, during high atmospheric pressure and the waxing moon phase. 100% artisanal.
Wine description
Captivating medley of yellow peach and red berries, finely chiseled and dark fruit expression, subtly enveloped by a touch of incense; on the palate it is rich and brimming with juice, endowed with minerality and extract density, along with elegant peach notes and some tropical fruit, complex and long-lasting, remains generous down to the last drop!
13 % vol
Ageing potential
15 years +
Serving temperature
Chilled, approx. 12°C