Grüner Veltliner Maximum 2020
After many decades of growth the vines form a mighty and gnarled stature. They are deeply rooted in the loess and the metamorphic rock of our historic terraced vineyards. Our Maximum is sourced from a selction of these low yielding old vines. Only the most valuable grapes of a vintage remain on the vine during the main picking season and are harvested very late, after reaching their beautifully golden ripeness and full flavour potential. Before bottling, the wine spends at least two full winters on the lees in a big acacia barrel. This is how this dense and mouth-filling Veltliner is created, with the unmistakable Hiedler signature.
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From 50-85 year old vines. The grapes were selectively harvested by hand in various parts during late October and early November. Destemmed, slightly crushed and macerated for several hours. Gently pressed with low pressure. Fermented in big acacia cask and matured on the lees for over two winters. Bottled at high atmospheric pressure during the waxing moon in September 2022.
Wine description
Complex and calm, orange zest, yellow grapes, tree blossoms, then dark flavored tobacco, chalky and smoky background; elegant and juicy on the palate, dense, with bundled fruit and deep spiciness thats spreading all over the palate, great extract, delicately salty minerality in the finish, long-lasting!
13,5 % vol.
Ageing potential
18 years +
Serving temperature
Chilled, approx 12°C