Icewine Pinot Noir 2013
Nomen est omen: The grapes for this Austrian specialty are harvested at ice-cold temperatures of −7 ° C or colder, often in December or January. Under these icy conditions most of the water contained in the berries crystallizes and forms ice. The sugar that is contained in the grape only binds to non-crystallized water and fruit acids. During the hours-long pressing process, the frozen berries yield the smallest amounts of an ice-cold concentrate. The fermentation of this juice is slow and takes place over several months. The result is a fine and elegant 'noble-sweet' wine whose focused acidity creates a juicy contrast to the natural sweetness.
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Selective harvest by hand in January 2014, at -9°C. The frozen grapes were slowly pressed off over several hours (no colour is extracted during this process). Fermentation in stainless-steel tank for several months. Matured in tank on the fine-lees for several months. Bottled at high atmospheric pressure during the waxing moon in February 2018.
Wine description
Hints of ripe apricots and lychees; on the palate delicately underlaid tangerine fruit jam, some pineapple, wonderful balanced acidity with the delicate sweetness, great complexity with lots of potential!
9,0 % vol.
Ageing potential
Experience show, that Sweetwines age beyond our lifetimes.
Serving temperature
Chilled, approx. 10°C